About the Beaudettes

Jesse and I met in a double-wide trailer/bar in October of 2003 and fell madly in love!  We love to make each other laugh, love traveling together, and he loves beating me at anything competitive (Scrabble, mini-golf).  After surprising me with an amazing ring on Christmas Eve of 2004 we were married October 8, 2005...on a golf course.  Life has been pure excitement ever since.

On November 5, 2007, Brooklynn Autumn Beaudette was born into our small but happy family.  She is absolutely perfect and everything I ever wanted in a daughter.  Her sense of humor matches ours to a tee and we love watching her grow.  Brooklynn is 8 years old and looking forward to 2nd grade with a wonderful teacher and lots of other cute kids. She currently loves Star Wars and anything to do with Egypt (I know, kinda weird). She is excelling at gymnastics, which sure does make this mom proud.

On August 21, 2009 a much anticipated Irelyn Marie Beaudette was born at University of Washington Medical Center.  Our little miracle had a very rough start spending 7 weeks in the NICU at Seattle Childrens Hospital but proving to all that met her, not only is she also absolutely perfect but she is also incredibly tough and determined.  She has met each challenge sent her way with a spirit that can't be matched! Irelyn is 6 years old and is showing a lot of spunk. She loves to make us laugh and pick on her sister.  She still struggles with sleeping all night but is a little snuggle bug when she wakes up.  Irelyn loves all food, reading stories, giving Diego lots of love, chasing after Brooklynn and playing with Mom and Dad. Irelyn will be starting her second year of soccer soon and is now in the Mighty Mite (1 1/2 hrs) class at gymnastics.

Jesse loves golf, Bud Light, and golf.  Its a wonderful day when he can combine the golf and Bud Light.  He has been able to rejoin some of his old hobbies and is once again on a bowling league and golf league.  He also absolutely adores his two little girls.

I love being able to stay home and shape the two little girls I've been blessed with.  I also love running (have now completed six 1/2 marathons and a full marathon), scrapbooking, yummy desserts, and shopping. I am also now helping to coach Brooklynn's group at gymnastics.

Tiki, our long haired chihuahua, passed away in August of 2013.  She will be forever missed.  We loved her greatly for her adorable personality, crazy ears and ability to snore like an old man!
Tequila Rose Beaudette (our first born dogher)

We added a beagle/black lab cross to our family in 2013 named Diego.  He is sweet and patient with the girls and soaking up all of the attention he can get.

We love our family and truly appreciate every day we have together.  I believe family is what completes ones life and boy is mine complete.

Erin and Jesse in Las Vegas

Brooklynn Autumn at 7 months old

 Irelyn Marie at 9 months old