Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 19: Piglet Update

 We started calling Irelyn "Piglet" for a less than obvious reason...not because she is chunky but because Piglet was always my favorite character on Winnie the Pooh.  Piglet is just so little, cute, and always happy go lucky.  Just like our Piglet, except at the doctors office! 

Piglet had her 18 month check-up this morning and it was pretty rough for both of us.  She weighed in at "about 23 lbs", an approximate weight due to the fact that she was attempting her first big dismount from the scale.  Irelyn seems to have a little fear of medical professionals, I guess for good reason.  The weighing incident was followed by a quick exam from our pediatrician.  Irelyn was having no part of the well-child visit today.  After the abbreviated exam, which concluded with yes in deed her heart is beating, our friendly nurse came into the room with the longest needles you've ever seen :(  As I was holding Irelyn down and the nurse was attempting to give Irelyn her necessary vaccinations, Irelyn was screaming so hard that she puked all over me and the nurse.  Poor Piglet.  It was decided, during the less exciting times of the check-up, that we should do our follow-up echocardiogram sooner rather than later and we should also having another hearing test done since Piglet is not talking yet.  All of this is just precaution but still gives me a little more to worry about.  We love our Piglet and will go to the end of the Earth for her so a few more tests are not a big deal. I will do some serious praying between now and Wednesday's echo that she will remain calm for the cardiologist so that the echocardiogram can actually be done.  God has watched over Irelyn so far that I'm pretty sure He'll help us through this little speed bump.


  1. I'll be praying for you guys too :) Hoping all goes well, and once again, Irelyn is just TOO cute!

  2. You are in my prayers. Keep us posted! Remember that God loves Irelyn more than you and Jesse are able and has a perfect plan for her ( and you!).

  3. You have never left our prayers little piglet..(love that name)You also...will come thru this just FINE.


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