Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We Love Gymnastics

Front support on the bars

Bear walks

Inside the tunnel

Playing on the parachute with her class.

Brooklynn loves her new leotard.
Brooklynn started gymnastics last summer as a fun activity that she and Mom could do together. We figured that at the end of the summer, with the arrival of a new Beaudette, we would drop gymnastics for a while and pick it back up later. The look of disappointment on Brooklynn's face was enough for me to call the gym immediately and get her signed up for the first session in September. She is currently in the Itty Bitty Bounders class which is for 18 months - 3 years olds. This class requires a parent to go along with her to keep her on task. Brooklynn does a pretty good job of listening to the teacher and following directions. She definitely loves gymnastics and I have decided that she is by far the most talented 2 year old that I have ever seen!

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  1. No bias there! LOVE the pictures. Here's hoping talent and determination are genetic traits! :)


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