Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's A Girl...We Think!

Where is that baby Mom keeps talking about???

I had my big ultrasound yesterday and our little Bean looked very healthy and very busy. She was moving all over, twisting, turning, flipping, and kicking. Amazing that I can't feel much of that yet. Dr. McCoy did his absolute best to get a good picture of her face and "girl parts" but with all of the movement it was tough. With our best view we didn't see any large parts hanging between her legs so with the absence of such parts we decided she was a girl. Little Bean could still surprise us come September :) Her heartrate was 143 beats per minute and she weighed 11 oz. She still has 20 weeks to finish her growing and her spacious 4 bedroom house will soon turn into a very tight studio apartment. The pictures I have included are of her "cute little nose" (as the doctor said) and her back and leg.

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