Monday, November 1, 2010

Winner of Cutest Costumes...Tink and Lovey Lamb!!

It was an exceptionally warm Halloween night in our parts, which means it wasn't snowing.  Thank goodness because Tinkerbell would have been very cold and Lovey Lamb would have probably stayed home.  But instead we hit the streets in search of CHOCOLATE. 

If it wasn't chocolate we didn't want it (OK just speaking for me here).  I did feel a little guilty about using my cute children to feed my addiction but hey I've been feeding them long enough  :) 
We made it home just in time for Piglet to enjoy a bottle and then pass out in her warm bed.  Makes her sound like a real boozer huh!  Both girls enjoyed their night but not as much as I enjoyed seeing them all dressed up.

Irelyn volunteered to hand out candy before we left.

This was the only red-headed Tinkerbell we saw all night.


Knock, knock ~ Trick or Treat!

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