Monday, January 10, 2011

A Whole Lotta Cuteness

The Beaudettes have moved on, thats right we are ready to celebrate 2011 in all its glory.  I can tell there are big things in store for our little Beaudettes this year.  Irelyn will continue with her baby sign language while also learning lots and lots of new words.  She currently has said "dog" and "book", both several times but not on a regular basis.  Irelyn will also continue to pick up speed from chasing Brooklynn around the house and learn a proper tuck and roll as she hits the ground, also as a result from Brooklynn!
Brooklynn will be starting preschool this fall and I just know she will be the smartest, cutest kid in class  :)  I have officially turned into one of those parents that used to drive me crazy.  "My 3 year old is strong enough and talented enough to go to the Olympics someday".  I would politely reply "Of course she is."  A new funny Brooklynn story for this month would have to be the time we, and when I say we I mean 200 of our closest friends, were praying in church and Brooklynn pipes up "I've got a booger."  At least 100 of those closest friends thought it was pretty funny!
2011 has great things in store for Jesse and I also.  Just to name a few...Cancun, Mexico in February and ummmm...Cancun, Mexico in February!!!  I will be training for a few runs; Bloomsday in Spokane, Wash. in May, Missoula Half Marathon in July, and Victoria, B.C Half Marathon in Oct.  I should probably buy stock in Nike right now because I have a feeling their stocks will be going up this year :)
Now for the cute part, enjoy :)

Riding around in my automobile, no particular place to go!

That tricycle can move at speeds unseen before.  Thank goodness Oma and Opa got her the new helmet for Christmas.

We have been blessed with 2 very happy little girls.
I knew she was looking at photo albums but when I came back 5 min later I found her sound asleep.

You've got to be kidding me.  New Years Resolution...fewer Christmas cookies next year.

Where's Waldo?

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