Monday, June 6, 2011

A+ For Piglet!!

Irelyn underwent the grueling surgery (15 minutes total) to have tubes put in her tiny ears due to repeated hearing tests with poor results.  If you remember she was born with a very large amount of fluid in her chest and severe swelling due to fluid throughout the rest of her body.  It wasn't a big shock to Jesse and I that they found fluid in her ears! 

Irelyn and Templeton waiting for surgery.

We noticed within hours of the tubes being put in that she was hearing better and talking more.  Today was our confirmation...she passed her hearing test with flying colors.  She will continue with weekly speech therapy appointments as she is still quite delayed due to life sounding as if she were "underwater" for the last 21 months.

Yes, I climbed up here all by myself so I could clean my feet properly!

Irelyn's new hairstyle gives her a little more height.
Playing "hard to get" with Pippee.
Playing "not so hard to get" with Pippee.

In other news,  Brooklynn will be taking a break from gymnastics for the summer, other than a one week camp the end of June.  She will be working on learning to ride her bike, build sand castles, and being nice to her sister :) 

Brooklynn's cheesy grin.

Brooklynn was a little nervous when we found out Aimee was sick and she would be getting a haircut from Johnny!

Brooklynn's Blue Pedicure
Jesse is preparing for a trial coming up in July.  He will be a very busy boy getting ready for the 4 day trial.  The last time he took a case to trial was in 2006 so he feels a little rusty, I'm sure he'll do great.

I am preparing for a half-marathon that just happens to fall on the same week his trial starts.  I have been fitting in my runs in the morning before he leaves for work.  This means that Jesse has been in charge of getting the girls up and fed breakfast on the mornings I run and getting home and feeding the girls dinner on the nights I work.  He is such a great Dad and we appreciate all he does.  Thanks Sweetie!!

Lovin' my girls and our matching aprons.


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