Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 2012....Part 1

Thats right folks, I have lots of great pictures and updates so this post will come in two parts.  I will put up the second part of this post next week after I have completed my first full marathon! I'm really hoping that there won't be any hard evidence of me crawling  across the finish line so I will be giving strict orders for the only picture on Sunday to be the all-important "before picture"!

Our summer has been packed full of fun, fun, fun.  Irelyn received her second haircut from our favorite hairsylist Aimee.

Here she is modeling the very cute haircut!

I was able to repaint the girls' rooms while they spent a few days with Opa and Oma.  By their choosing, Brooklynn's room was painted blue (with some awesome stripes) and Irelyn's room is now a bright green.

Uncle Jason has a very cool boat so we called him up and invited ourselves (OK, I called him up and invited ourselves) out to Placid Lake.  We had so much fun with Uncle Jason and Shannon.  Irelyn got to experience her first boat ride and Brooklynn ventured out in the tube.  Yes I was along for the trip but I never seem to get in front of the camera :)

Last weekend we got a visit from our very favorite black lab, JJ.  He is so good with the girls (unlike our very favorite chihuahua).  Irelyn was able to love on him all weekend.

In other big news, Brooklynn has had a busy two weeks.  Our big girl can now pump her legs on the swings and can ride her bike without any training wheels.  How in the world did this happen?  Next thing I know she'll be getting dressed up for a date.  Ha, ha, just kidding, as if Jesse is going to let her date!



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