Thursday, March 28, 2013

March 2013...Part 2

Big news of the month, Brooklynn was moved up at gymnastics from the preschool program as a Dragonfly to the Girls Recreational program as a Level 2 Starlight.  This means her class went from 45 minutes to now 1 hour 30 min.  She is very proud to be a Starlight and her mom is pretty darn proud also.  That talent comes from somewhere, you know :)

Donkey Kicks on trampoline

Backward Pike Roll

Possum Pull Ups

Lunge on the balance beam

Teeter-Totter on the balance beam

Watching a demonstration during class

Cartwheel on the floor

In other big news, Tequila Rose Beaudette turned 10 years old on March 23.  In celebration of this big event she received multiple trips to the veterinarian.  We took her in to get 2 teeth pulled that seemed to be bothering her.  The poor girl was brought back with 9 less teeth and a new love of soft baby food.  The years have definitely been tough on her and unfortunately her patience with the 5 and under crowd has not grown recently.  I love my Tiki though, and remember that it was just the two of us when I moved back from Billings to Missoula...pre-Jesse days :)

Brooklynn and I raced in the Run For The Luck Of It Race on St. Patrick's Day.  Brooklynn blazed through the 400 meter dash and I chugged along in the 5k.  I'd love to say we both had a fabulous time but after the race Brooklynn proclaimed "I'm never racing again.  That was way too far."  I tried to convince her next year would be easier because she would be older and taller and she just said "No thank you."  Alrighty then.

 This month we also did some crazy fast bike racing,

snorkeling with tropical fish,

a dinosaur dig,

celebrated Jesse's 25th birthday,

and visited the Easter Bunny (the first time Irelyn has not needed a parent chaperone to sit with her and our favorite holiday beings!)

Overall, a very good, busy month.  Happy Easter to all of our family and friends!!

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  1. When ever I want to smile and feel happy inside I just log on to the Beaudette blog. The girls are growing up so fast. Happy Easter to All. I am working this weekend. Cam


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