Sunday, June 7, 2009

19 Months Ago...

So hard to believe it has already been 19 months that we've had little Brooklynn as a member of our family. She is turning into such a young lady. We love that when anybody sneezes she always says "Bess you". She has also figured out that she can pull her diaper down; Jesse found her gazing out the window today with her little butt crack hanging out. It was as if she was thinking "Ahh to be free and naked, running through the park".
She is now home with me full-time until September when she will start daycare again one or two days a week. We have had fun doing some crafts. Last week we made flowers out of water paints, coffee filters, and paint stirrers. She is very proud of her flower!
This has been labeled the Summer of Projects around the Beaudette house. We have started work on repainting our trim in the front of the house; this week my Dad will be down to tile our bathrooms and laundry room; we have begun painting Brooklynn's new room a light blue and put together her "big girl bed"; and Jesse is hoping to restain our deck and Brooklynn's fort. Wow we are busy people.
I just hit the 25 week mark which means only 15 weeks until D-Day (but who's counting?:) I am feeling good except for having a terrible time getting comfortable at night. Little Irelyn has begun waking me up around 3:00 am with her kicking, swimming, and flipping. It is just a little preview to the night wakenings in about 3 months!
I will post new pictures when Brooklynn and I return from Michigan on the 20th.

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