Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Potty Chair

Well big news in the Beaudette house...Brooklynn is now pooping in the Winnie the Pooh potty chair. Jesse and I are very excited about this as is Brooklynn who gets "M-E-M's" after each successful poop. She has not pooped in a diaper now since we returned from Michigan. We are in no hurry, we've been told if you push them too soon they may retaliate and we don't want that. She has no idea that she could also pee in the pott so we think that is a ways down the road.
I am now 29 weeks preggo which means into my 3rd trimester. Thank goodness, the end is near. Then the real sleepless nights begin. At my next appointment on July 14 we will do another ultrasound and get to see Irelyn again. I can't wait:) I am actually feeling great on most days but have days where moving hurts. Little Irelyn still seems to have plenty of room to move around but is less active than Brooklynn was. I am getting very excited to meet this new little person.
Brooklynn's new blue room is finished except for needing new closet doors. Her big girl bed is set up and ready for her to move into. We are working on finding shades that will make her room dark during the day so that she can still take those wonderful 2 hour naps. Neither of us want those to end. After we find the shades we will have her start taking naps in her new room so that she gets used to it before Irelyn arrives. I am not looking forward to her being able to wake up in the middle of the night and come to visit us but its a new step in her little life.

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