Sunday, January 31, 2010

February 2010

Irelyn - 5 months old

Safety is our first concern, even with Monte.

Dad and Irelyn relaxing on a Sunday morning.

Brooklynn - 2 years, 2 months old

Our two cute girls!
January just flew by and here we are preparing for a busy month of appointments. I'm not sure how it happened but we've once again got one doctors appointment every week this month. Yuck. Irelyn will be heading in this week for her monthly Synagis shot and then the following week for her 6 month check-up. Our little miracle is already 6 months old. Irelyn is doing great even though she is currently battling a double ear infection. The antibiotic seems to be working but it appears as though we will be having tubes put in her tiny ears to prevent future infections. She does go in this month and visit Dr. VonDoerston, an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist to determine when we can get the tubes put in. Other than that we are working hard on her physical therapy exercises to help her lift her head while on her tummy and sit up. She is doing very good with both of those. She will be chasing Brooklynn and Tiki around before we know it.
Brooklynn just returned from a very fun play date with Fisher. Those two are quite the buds and it is so nice that Teri is willing to take in another toddler once in a while. Bless her heart! Funny Brooklynn story of the month: As Irelyn was laying in the livingroom doing naked time Brooklynn commented that Irelyn has a small buttcrack. Followed up by my "Yes she does" This was quickly followed by Brooklynn commenting "Mommy has a big butt crack". Toddlers are just great for the self-esteem:)
Jesse had a wonderful weekend because golf has finally returned to T.V. He is definitely going through golf-withdrawls and it ain't pretty. He just knows that this is going to be his year on the course, hoping to get below 80 for a round of 18. Last year at this time I would have referred to him as Tiger Woods but you can bet your britches I won't make that reference this year. Poor Tiger. Jesse has also been crazy busy with work putting in long days followed by a couple hours at night after everyone goes to bed. His firm is hoping to find another attorney to come in and help because all of the attorneys are busy. Jesse and I decided that now that he is partner it is much better to have too much work than not enough.
I have been keeping busy with the girls, my running, and scrapbooking. Only a couple months until my annual trip to Spokane for the 12k Bloomsday run with my friends. We have so much fun on that trip but you can believe the ride home is filled with a lot of whinning about how sore we are. Only to start planning our trip for next year.
We miss our friends but look forward to the end of cold and flu season so that our hibernation can be over!

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