Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gotta Love Kids

Tigger was very thirsty.

Love that smile:~)

This jumper is hard work. I jumped myself right to sleep.

We love bath time.

Shortly after cleaning out the chocolate pudding bowl.

The Beaudette clan is doing great, staying healthy and staying busy. February has been a very productive month for the youngest Beaudette. Irelyn is now rolling over from her back to her belly, playing with her toes, and trying very hard to sit-up. Today was her 6 month visit with Dr. Hall, our pediatrician. My piglet now weighs in at 15 lbs 5 oz (35%), 24 inches long (4%), and 43 cm for head circumference (44%). To summarize that, we have a very short, chunky little girl with an average sized head. Just as we'd expected. Irelyn graduated from physical therapy as she is now progressing just as a 5 month old should. Since she was born 4 weeks early her adjusted age is 5 months so she is right on track. She does still have fluid in her ears so we will be having tubes put in but we have heard it is a very easy procedure. Irelyn loves her jumper and her baby cereal. Next step...baby vegetables. Yummy, yummy.

Brooklynn is our nightly entertainment, mainly comedy but sometimes with a little drama thrown in. Her routine still includes streaker time which is a big hit at our house. Jesse and I are trying very hard to help her understand that pretty pictures only belong on paper, not the walls, doors, carpet, or tables. Seems to be tough to understand for a 2 year old. Funny Brooklynn story of the month: last week as I was getting Brooklynn out of her jammies I noticed red marker down the front of the pajamas. Needless to say I was upset. I told her that drawing on clothes was naughty and that I was upset with her. She smiled at me, grabbed my cheeks with her little hands and said "Its OK Mommy, it not dat bad". So hard to be mad at that. Until this lesson has been learned we have removed all markers, pens, and crayons from her reach.

Jesse is staying very busy with work and traveling a lot. We now look forward to his nights away because we get to have girls night. Dinner usually includes macaroni and cheese, chocolate pudding and hot chocolate. Followed up by the painting of the finger nails and Brooklynn "fixing" Mommy's hair. She's not quite old enough to appreciate a good chic flick but I look forward to those days. Jesse is still counting down the days until opening week of golf season and The Masters on TV. He leads a sheltered life these days!

I am still keeping busy with my scrapbooking, running, reading and sleeping. All important hobbies in my life.

Well in conclusion, life is not easy but it sure is good! Until next time:)

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  1. Dude, you had me at "weird butt crack." I bet it's the cutest butt crack ever. Your girls are beautiful. I love the quirks and differences in babies and I am learning to find beauty I didn't know existed in this world...in the least expected places!


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