Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 2010...Wow!!

Since I am no longer updating the caringbridge website I've decided to get rededicated to our Beaudette website. So much has changed around our house. Poor Tiki got knocked down another rung when little Irelyn came home. Tiki now follows me around the house like a shadow just hoping for some attention. At least she's getting some exercise.
Speaking of exercise, we have created a home gym out in our garage. Jesse now has a leg press, bench press, punching bag, a treadmill, and all his weights on "his side" of the garage. I do still get to park in the garage which is very nice this time of year. He manages to make it out to the gym (garage) about 3 times a week and says he is slowly getting stronger. Gone are the days of hitting the gym (actual gym) 5 or 6 days a week for 2 hours. Oh well, we love him even if he has smaller muscles. I have also started making exercise more of a priority and have decided to train for a half-marathon this summer. I swore after the last one that I would never put myself through that torture again but hey, I said the same thing after giving birth to Brooklynn:)
And that brings us to Irelyn, our newest addition. She is already 4 months old and changing so much every week. She was a small 7 pounder when we came home from Seattle in October and is now a chunky 13 pounder. She is now smiling and giggling at my jokes. I love having a baby around again knowing that it is our last. She is still getting monthly shots to prevent RSV but thats about it. Amazing from where she started. She is definitely our miracle and a fighter.
Brooklynn is the funniest kid I've ever been around and I've been around a lot of kids. I love putting her down for a nap, waiting a few minutes until I hear her playing, and then opening the door. She then sprints across the room as fast as she can, dives onto her bed, and looks at me angelically as if shes done nothing wrong. Its hard not to laugh. Its also pretty funny when I tell her no about something and she says "Oh, come on Mom". What a cutie. She is now home full-time with Irelyn and I but she misses her friends at Lil' Bee Boppers Daycare. She does still get to hang out with Fisher which is absolutely wonderful. Brooklynn is also taking gymnastics once a week which is definitely her favorite activity of the week. A girl after my own heart. She makes me so proud as I watch her sitting nicely, listening to directions from her teacher. She's got her forward rolls down and now working on monkey jumps (cartwheels) and teeter-totters (handstands). When she turns 3 she'll be able to move up and take a class by herself instead of having a parent with her.
To summarize, we are doing great and very happy to welcome 2010.


  1. We can't begin to tell you how happy we are at the sight of your healthy, happy girls. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Brooklyn sure is a hat girl! I'll have to keep that in mind as I have many to share with her :) I LOVE the picture of Irelyn laying on your chest - you look soooo happy. Can't wait to see you guys again.
    Aunt Jujee


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