Friday, May 28, 2010

Jeopardy Question of the Month...

And the answer is: What is Because They Are So Stinkin' Cute, Alex.  Thats correct, in response to: The Reason Erin Insists On Putting Things On Their Heads.
I really don't need props to appreciate how cute my girls are but its just so much fun, partly because Jesse just really can't understand it. I believe the trick is growing up without growing old:)
May has been a beautiful month, full of picnics and blowing bubbles in the backyard, swinging on the swingset, and "side chalking" with sidewalk chalk.  Brooklynn now loves Sesame Street and it has been a big help in her learning her letters.  She can now identify almost all of the letters so we will soon start working on what sound each letter makes.  Another step toward her reading. Brooklynn is still doing gymnastics and loving it.  This week was "Being Brave" week and she accomplished all of the challenges including flying in the belt, climbing the net to the top, and crossing the beam over the pit.  She was very proud of herself!
Irelyn has also been busy as a bee.  She can now sit up by herself, cross the livingroom with her amazing rolls, and wave when we say "hi".  She just went in for her 9 month check-up and she is doing great.  She now weighs in at 18 lbs 6 oz and is 26 inches long!  I am so proud of her everyday and love to watch her grow and learn.
I have started my training for the Missoula Half-Marathon that is July 11.  I am determined to be well-trained and ready for the race.  This will be my second half-marathon and I hope to do many more.  Running is my time to unwind, listen to my music (instead of the Hot-Dog Dance song, love ya Mickey Mouse but its getting old), and relieve the very small amount of stress I have in my life. 
Irelyn enjoying a ride on the swing.
Brooklynn at the Ronan Park, notice the "Poo Kickers"

Irelyn out in the front yard.

Justa Swingin'.

Thats enough to make a Dad proud.
Brooklynn is a very sweet 2 year old.

Jesse and I are truly blessed with our two healthy girls and the strength of our marriage.  We continue to be grateful for all that we have and all that we look forward to. 

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