Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 2010

"I've lost a puff. Has anyone seen it?"
 Brooklynn brushing some very big dentures at the Childrens Museum.
 Brooklynn digging for dinosaur bones at the Childrens Museum.
Summer has finally arrived, sort of.  We are still getting a lot of rain mixed with a little bit of sunshine. 

 Brooklynn is done with gymnastics until next fall so we will need to find another method of "burning some energy" as she puts it.  I think we will start visiting local parks, its free and she loves it.  We also need to teach her how to mow the lawn because with all this rain Jesse just can't keep up. I know what you're cruel to make your two year old mow the lawn, but hey, we have a self-propelled mower. We have been visiting the local library once a week to pick up new books.  Its more for Jesse and I because we sure do get sick of reading the same books over and over.  Brooklynn has moved into the "Why" phase of two year olds.  Jesse and I are bombarded with questions, CONSTANTLY.  I guess this is a good thing, the princess is curious and learning.
Irelyn had a follow-up hearing test this past week and passed with flying colors!  She does have a very minimal amount of hearing loss on the left side but it is due to fluid in her middle ear so once we get that tube put in it should clear right up.  The test involved sedation which I was very nervous about, of course.  Well our little Piglet definitely has a high tolerance for medication.  They had to give her twice the normal amount to even affect her.  No surprise there!  She is now jabbering like crazy...all the time.  She loves to "communicate" with her big sis'.  I am still waiting for a "mama" because there is no way I'm letting this one be a daddy's girl also:)  She is very close to crawling but for now the scooching on the back of the head seems to be working fine.
Jesse will be golfing tomorrow, probably in the rain, to raise money for The Ronald McDonald House.This is a cause close to our hearts because we were so appreciative of our room with Ronny while we were in Seattle. It benefits so many families that are going through very tough times.  He has now raised close to $800, that covers a room for one family for a month.  Way to go Jesse.  I have a hard time believing he would be this motivated if it was ummmm...a 5 mile walk to raise money.  Since its golf, he's there.
I am still training for the Missoula Half-Marathon which is coming up on July 11.  I am very excited for the run and excited for the month off from training after the run.  I think I'll schedule a massage for the week following the race.  That should be good incentive as my legs are dying around mile 10.
Jesse, Happy Fathers Day to an amazing father.  We love ya!

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