Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 2010

Cool dude hanging out in the yard.

Nettie and I after our Bloomsday race in Spokane.

The world's best dad reading to his girls on his lunch break.

Dr. Justin Heistad, an amazing doctor from Seattle Children's Hospital.

Cam (nurse), Patti (nurse), Erin, and Katie (social worker) from Seattle Children's Hospital.

Brooklynn's Happy Face :)
Brooklynn's Mad Face :(

April was another wonderful month at the Beaudette house.  Jesse and I were able to escape to Seattle for four days of rest, relaxation, and oh yeah, work!  Jesse had to travel over there for two depositions that took a total of an hour and a half, however he would not let me forget that he did have to "work" on the trip.  We were able to stay at the beautiful Marriot hotel that is in downtown Seattle. The great location made it very convenient for me to shop, shop, shop.  Thursday afternoon we stopped in to visit Cam, Patti, and Katie at the Children's Hospital.  They were happy to see us but definitely disappointed that the little Rock Star was not along on the trip.  We were also able to have dinner with Kirsten, another one of Irelyn's nurses from the Children's Hospital.  We had a great time getting to know Kirsten outside of the hospital and talking about stuff other than medical crap.  Kirsten took us to a great restaurant called "Purple Cafe" (I knew it would be great just from the name) and we enjoyed a very yummy meal which included lobster mac and cheese.  What a combination!  We then made our way to a small bar that was one of the few in downtown Seattle that serves good old Bud Light.  We had a wonderful evening.  Friday evening we once again made our way to the "Brooklyn Steak House", which was the spot of one of our few relaxing nights out back in September. 
I finished out the weekend with the Bloomsday Race in Spokane with several of my good friends.  It is a fun 12k race that I look forward to each year.
Irelyn is doing great.  She is still soooo close to sitting up by herself.  Actually, today she did sit up for about 2 minutes before toppling over.  She looks so proud when she learns something new.  She is also now standing up next to furniture and I can just see her watching Brooklynn and taking it all in.  She will be so happy to chase Brooklynn and Tiki around the house soon enough. Irelyn had a follow-up echocardiogram on Monday which did show that the small duct in her heart is still open but it is very minimal.  Dr. Hardy, the cardiologist, said it is nothing to be concerned about and we will recheck it again when she is two. She continues to be a very happy little girl that takes after her mom, loving her food and sleep:)
Brooklynn is working hard on learning her letters because she really wants to learn how to read.  Each morning Brooklynn and Mom watch Sesame Street and then work on the letter of the day.  It is a fun way for me to use my $20,000 in student loans.  We are also still working on potty training and manners.  Not real sure which one she will learn first but we do feel both are very important!!
I hope all of the moms out there have an amazing Mothers Day and know that you have the most important job in the world.  I know that I am such a great mom because I had a great mom. Thanks Mom:) 

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