Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 2010

Brooklynn's pretty Easter dress
Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby
Well maybe a smiling baby:)
Brooklynn trying to snuggle with Tequila
Brooklynn at Carousel for Missoula, a favorite spot of hers.
Irelyn absolutely loves nuzzling on the neck

Spring has arrived and we are so happy to see the sunshine. The girls and I try to make it out to the park every afternoon for a few minutes of sun-bathing and burning some extra energy (that would be Brooklynn with the extra energy, not Mom). Jesse has finally found a consistent lifting partner that is available whenever he is ready...his big girl Brooklynn. She loves going out in the garage and "wifting weights with Dad", actually she loves doing anything that Dad is doing. Brooklynn has also become his hitting partner at the driving range. Those two make quite the pair!
Irelyn is our little rolly polly bug. She loves to roll across the livingroom floor, however once she makes it up against the wall she is STUCK. The poor girl hasn't figured out how to roll the other direction yet. A little whining and Mom comes to the rescue. Irelyn loves her fruits and vegetables she gets for lunch and dinner. Her newest addition is the banana, mashed up and very yummy. She is also working on the skill of drinking out of a sippy cup. Its amazing to watch her become a little person with lots of personality.
Irelyn had another visit with the Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist and we found out that the fluid in her left ear has cleared up but she does still have fluid on the right side. We have scheduled an ABR hearing test for June to check and make sure the fluid is not affecting her hearing. I am definitely very nervous about this because she will have to be under anesthesia for the test. I guess this is small potatoes compared to what she has been through. Irelyn also has a repeat echocardiogram coming up in May. She appears to be a very healthy little girl so we are not expecting any new news.:)
Jesse has been telling me since February that he is "looking forward to next month" when he won't be so busy at work. Well March was busier than February and April has continued on that trend. We are both hoping that he can dig out from under his pile of crap (sorry, thats lawyer lingo) so that he doesn't have to work in the evenings and weekends anymore.
I will be leaving for the Bloomsday Run in Spokane, Washington in two weeks. This is a 12k (7.5 miles) run that I've done several times before. I absolutely love this race because the atmosphere is so much fun. One year my friends and I even ran past Elvis. We all knew he was still alive, who knew he was running races in the beautiful Northwest! The race finishes out with the Rocky theme blarring from huge speakers. The week after the Bloomsday Run I will begin training for the Missoula half-marathon in July. After the half-marathon I have decided to train for the full-marathon in Victoria, B.C. I know what you're thinking, "Why in the world would any person in their right mind choose to run 26.2 miles unless they are being chased by a large bear?" Well my friends all I can say is I lost my mind a long time ago and now I'm just going along for the ride:)
Funny Brooklynn story of the month...Jesse is currently reading bedtime stories to a very cute, naked 2 year old. I hear in the middle of the story "Don't pick your butt Sweetie". Only in the house of a toddler. Until next time, keep smiling :~)

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  1. Love the shot of brooklyn 'snuggling' with the woofie. She has beautiful eyes!


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