Monday, August 16, 2010

Busy Month

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We have been very busy around our little house, and its all been good!  August 4th I celebrated a wonderful birthday with my girls and hubby and am so happy to be 31. 
Brooklynn is slowly becoming a very good big sister.  We are still working on sharing and not pushing, but I imagine we'll be working on that for a very long time.  Brooklynn will be starting gymnastics again soon which we both look forward to.  This year she will be able to do class by herself, without the assistance of mom or dad.  It is hard for me to sit on the sidelines but I will have to switch from coach to supportive parent.  Hopefully we won't be working on that for a long time.
Irelyn has been crawling all over the house and pulling up to a stand against anything.  She even used Dad's leg hair the other night and needless to say that didn't go over very well.  Irelyn now has 2 1/2 teeth and has figured out how to grind those little buggers together...not a good sound. 

She will be celebrating her first birthday this weekend and words can not describe how incredibly happy and proud I am that she made it to this milestone.  I will never forget the night that Jesse and I took a very nervous flight to Seattle not knowing how sick our little girl really was.  Happy Birthday Piglet!
Last week we hit the fair like it was nobody's business:)  To say Brooklynn loved the ferris wheel is an understatement.  She also enjoyed riding the motorcycles, boats, and a fire engine.  I'm going to share a little family joke from when I was growing up.  When my sister and I first moved out to my step-dads cattle ranch we were disgusted by the smell of cow poop.  Since cows were his living he used to tell us "Thats the smell of money".  Yuck.  Well I shared that line with Brooklynn as we entered the fair the first night and she asked what that smell was.  The following night as we entered the fair Brooklynn piped up with "Do you smell that money Dad?"  What a cutie.

Brooklynn and I decided to head out for our first hike and it was fun.  She did very well and said she "just loves being outside".  We made it to the top of the "M" hill filled with pride.  We both enjoyed looking out over the city and it makes me appreciate where I live!

At the top, enjoying the view.

What a great day for a hike.

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  1. Geez that means it was almost a year ago I reading your caringbrisge crying my eyes out for you!!!!! That's when I dubbed her our board fighter!!!!! Seriously Amy that girl is a miracle and I feel blessed to be a part of yours and her life even if we never meet!!!!!


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