Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Me Time Tuesday ~ Ahhh Poop!

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Well I am sitting here at the computer because a little time opened up due to some inconvenient circumstances.  Let me explain, as we got home from gymnastics Irelyn could barely keep her cute little eyes open so off to nappy time she went. I fed Brooklynn, read her a few stories, threatened to remove all of her "friends" from her room, and finally got her off to nappy time.  My Me Time today was going to be a wonderful nap.  WRONG!!  5 minutes after Brooklynn fell asleep Irelyn was awake due to a lot of poop in a small diaper.  As they say...Poop Happens.
Me Time will be post-poned until tonight at exactly 7:00 pm as I sit down to enjoy "Biggest Loser", which I have been waiting all summer for.

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  1. hahahaah!!!! I hate it when poop happens like that! Good luck tonight!


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