Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Me Time Tuesday ~ People

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This is a new idea I found on another great blog I am following.  Once a week, hopefully more, I will be making time for me, something I enjoy, and then blogging about it.  Well after a long 10 hour trip yesterday with two toddlers in our BIG truck I was definitely ready for "me time".  Instead of unpacking I decided I would sit down with my new People magazine and enjoy 30 minutes of catching up on Hollywood. 

In summary, I do feel bad for Elin, a.k.a. Mrs. Woods, but only because all of this happened in front of the world.  She does deserve privacy for her family and those adorable kids.  However, this sort of thing happens all the time and most of us don't have 100 million ways to make us feel better!

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  1. Alright Erin!!!! i love to curl up with a good magazine too! thanks for having some fun with my, Me Time Tuesday!!!!
    Keep it up!


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