Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!

Thanks for Visiting!

Jesse and I have been through some absolutely amazing, heart stopping, happy tear streaming, laughing-out-loud good times in the last 5 years.  We have also had our share of terrified tear streaming, scared to death, heart stopping fearful moments as well and those all took place within a period of 7 weeks.  Overall, it has been the best 5 years I could have ever imagined spent with the best guy I could have ever imagined spending it with.  I can only imagine what is in store for us over the next 5 years.  A quick glimpse into the future of the Beaudettes in 2015:

~Jesse will finally make it onto the PGA Tour but unfortunately it will be the "Champions Tour" because of his advanced age.
~However Jesse will continue practicing law because well...he just loves to argue and well...he's just really good at it.
~Erin will be one of the oldest gymnastics coaches to ever be referred to as Princess, and she will still be loving it.
~Brooklynn will be 7 years old and entering 2nd grade, training for the 2024 Olympics, and still enjoying streaking around the house.
~Irelyn will be 6 years old and training for the circus, but don't think Mom will let her runaway with the circus until she is at least 12!
~Tequila, our beloved chihuaha, will be 12 years old and wandering around the house looking for her next perfect nap spot and wondering why she still only gets fed 3 times a day.

Looking back

Julie's Wedding ~ February 2006
Hawaii ~ Oct. 2006

On Coeur d'Alene Lake ~ Summer 2007

Dad and Brooklynn ~ Nov 6th, 2007...One day old
Mom, Brooklynn, and Tiki partaking in our favorite activity.
Dad and Brooklynn on Flathead Lake ~ July 2008
Mom and Brooklynn ~ August 2008
Mom and Brooklynn in the pit at gymnastics.
Dad and Brooklnn ~ She was our favorite stocking stuffer that year.
Mom ~ 32 Weeks Pregnant with Irelyn
Irelyn Marie on August 21, 2009 ~ One day old and so sick.
Moms first time holding Irelyn.  What a great day.
Irelyn with no breathing assistance.  Way to go Piglet.
Brooklynn, still trying to figure out what she thinks about this new "thing".
Is that gift for you or me?  Santa knows I was very good this year!
Best buds.

Tequila Rose

I love you Jesse with all my heart.  Thanks for a great 5 years!


  1. You looked sooo cute pregnant! I wish I would have looked that good... lol

    Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you get something shiny. ;)

  2. Great Job on the page! Love the pic of your girls! I can't believe that you have been married 5 years! Congrats!

  3. Congratulations! 5 years is an achievment!


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