Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Top Ten Things I Love About October!

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Similar to Dave's Top 10 Countdowns but with cuter pictures.

10.  The changing color of the leaves

9.     Pulling out big, warm sweaters

8.     Crawling into clean, flannel sheets

7.     Picking out the perfect pumpkin at the Pumpkin Patch

6.     Decorating my little house (with Brooklynn's help).

5.     Halloween candy

4.     October 8, 2005 ~ The day Jesse and I said "I do" followed by my "Wahoooo"!!

3.     October 7, 2009 ~ The day we brought Irelyn home from Seattle Childrens Hospital

2.     Halloween costumes on all the cute kids that come to our door.

1.      Halloween costumes on my cute kids

October has already been a love-em and hate-em kind of month.  First the good news, we received the results from Irelyn's abdominal ultrasound that showed the mass in her tummy is in fact a gall bladder.  For some reason her gall bladder formed several walls inside of it instead of being a big, open gall bladder.  This explains why it does not function as it should.  It also relieves the worry about WHAT that thing is inside her tummy.  We were concerned that it could grow or change into something bad or cancerous.  Nope.
Now the bad news, the Beaudette house was hit by a tropical storm this past week.  It did not reach the status of a hurricane but did a lot of damage none the less.  Yep, our house was hit by Tropical Storm Puke and Poop. The storm was brought on by a nasty, long-lasting, did I say nasty??? stomach bug.  Irelyn graced us with our first experience of a puking, pooping kid last week and hung onto it for a fun miserable 5 days.  Brooklynn is currently sleeping on the couch which she has resided on for the last 3 days.  Its a good thing the only company we have coming over this week is my Mom, aka Nommie, and she doesn't pass judgement :)
Irelyn is now doing great with her baby sign language.  Her favorite sign is "Eat" followed in a close second by "Bottle".  This morning she actally combined the two and adamently signed "Eat Bottle!!!".  She also uses Love, More, Hi, Bye, and Touchdown.  Guess which one Jesse taught her.

I hope you are enjoying the changing of the seasons as much as we are.

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  1. She signs touchdown!? That is just hilarious!

    And I love all your top 10 things you love about October... I also love all of those things. :)


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