Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 13: Something About Myself That I'd Change...

So first off, Day 13 has turned into Day 16 as I did miss the last few days due to having a terrible cold.  But here we go...onward and upward :)

If I could change one thing about myself it would be my innate need for CONTROL.  For some reason I feel I need to control everything in my life and also the lives of those around me.  As you can imagine this is an issue for my husband who feels he has done a good job running his life up to this point and would like to continue.  Hmmm, he may have a point.

My seven weeks spent in Seattle with Irelyn were definitely very eye-opening.  My role in that journey was to show up to her hospital room and give her as much love as humanly possible.  I had NO control over her medical care (however we couldn't have asked for a better facility), no control over whether she recovered or how quickly she recovered.  That seven weeks was a crash course in "Living in the Moment 101".  I learned to appreciate those that were helping me through my difficult time and to appreciate that God is in control at all times

However, I would have to say that I probably received a C- in my crash course as I am still battling the need for control.  I must not have retained all of the information  :)  I guess I'm a work in progress...aren't we all?

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