Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 14: More Love Going Around

Since its Valentines Day I thought I'd throw a little more love out into the world...with a good story that will hopefully make you laugh.
Last weekend the stomach flu came roaring through our house and decided to hit every one of us except Jesse.  With that being said our house did not smell like a bunch of roses blooming in a beautiful open meadow.  Nope, not at all.  Super Bowl Sunday I had requested that Jesse make his almost famous "7 Layer Dip" which I love (told ya there'd be some love in this story:).  Poor little Piglet had been battling diarrhea for 3 days adding to the non-beautiful smell in our house.  Don't worry I'm getting to the good part.  As Brooklynn awoke from her nap she came out to the living asking "What is that smell?"  Well of course it was the bean dip but I was interested to know what she thought the smell was. BIG MISTAKE.  I asked her "What do you think it smells like?"  Being three and being incredibly honest she replied "Probably Irelyn's butt!".  Gotta love kids (more love than you could handle huh).

Happy Valentines Day!!

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