Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 15: Family Update

Its been a while since I've done an update on the happenings of the Beaudettes so here we go.

Irelyn is now at an age where she loves attention, loves playing, and loves being silly.  She also loves helping in the kitchen and making messes throughout the rest of the house.  Irelyn will be 18 months old on the 21st of February.  It is so hard to believe she is already a year and a half old!

Brooklynn has been working hard on putting her United States puzzle together all by herself.  As of the beginning of February she could accomplish this impressive feat and name at least half of the states!  Way to go Brooklynn.

We were hit with a huge snow storm the beginning of February and our little house couldn't contain the girls' excitement.  It still amazes me how a child can remain outside, having fun, after they can no longer feel their toes or fingers.  I do my best to bundle them up though :)

Still loving Irelyn's silly face.

Personal hygiene has become a big priority at our house.  As you can see from the pictures Tiki did not appreciate her spa day but Irelyn seems to like getting her teeth (all 9 of them) brushed, and she loves bath time.  The only thing that seems to rile this kid up is exhaustion and hunger, both very understandable to a mother that loves sleep and food.

Go ahead, be a little silly if you feel so inclined :)

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  1. Love the pictures! Your kids are so cute, Erin! The last 2 are my favorites. :)


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