Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 5: Make A Difference

I'm changing things up a bit on my 30 Day Challenge of blogging!  Thats right, I can do that because its MY blog  :) 
Through a series of amazing blogs I stumbled upon a blog about a beautiful little girl named Lilly.  The blog is written by her mother, an amazing mom to 10 kids, as letters to her daughter.  Little Lilly was born with Down syndrome a little over a year ago and has opened her mom's eyes to a whole new world.  Unfortunately part of this world involves an incredibly large number of orphans in Eastern Europe that were orphaned because they were also born with Down syndrome.  These amazing kids (yes I know, I'm using amazing a lot) need our help to avoid being placed in an institution in which they would spend THE REST OF THEIR LITTLE LIVES.   Reece's Rainbow is an organization that helps to raise money for families that are interested in opening their hearts and their homes to children with special needs that need love!

Olga needs our help NOW!

Now the good part, Patti has organized a huge give-away on her blog, including a new i-Pad or a Nikon D90 Digital camera and lens just name a couple prizes, to raise money for these amazing kids through Reece's Rainbow.  Please, please, please visit her blog as she has placed her whole heart on a mission to rescue three children before they are placed in an institution.  You can make a difference to a child and a family wanting to adopt a child. All she is asking for is a minimum of a $10 donation in order to be placed in her amazing give-away.

Just click Pure Love Giveaway and watch as these children are rescued to a home filled with love.

Thanks for Visiting!

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  1. I absolutely love your music selection- makes me smile every time I come here! :)


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