Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 2011

In like a lion, out like a lamb!!  Not sure what that really means but I like the way it sounds.  Now that I think about it I think it reminds me a lot of my husband's 30's.  On that note, we had a very fun 40th birthday party for Jesse to mark the end of his hard party life and to welcome in the middle-aged, graying "Father figure".  We love you Jesse.

My Dad and I.

The girls have been enjoying a few nice, spring days.  Irelyn races to the closet as soon as she hears me mention going outside.  She grabs her shoes and points at her coat to let me know that she is ready.  I really do love taking them out into the fresh seems to lead to much longer naps for all three of us.

Jesse and I are continually amazed at the amount of food Piglet can put away in one sitting.  As proof I decided to take a picture of the after-effect of such a meal.
Irelyn also has a new interest....

$$$ MONEY $$$
 Brooklynn was able to spend a few days with Opa and Oma (Jesse's parents).  She always receives LOTS of love while with them.  I did manage to catch a picture of Brooklynn that I love though.  Here she is right after waking up from a long nap...almost always in a good mood.  We love our great nappers.
More cuteness to come from the Beaudettes next month.

P.S. Please consider making a donation to March of Dimes in Irelyn's honor.  Without this amazing organization Irelyn would most likely not have survived.  Many of the treatments used on Irelyn were researched by the compassionate people at March of Dimes.  They are continually fighting for all babies to be born healthy!  The box at the top left of this blog will lead you right to my personal page and make sure you leave me a message.  I'll pass it on to Irelyn so she knows how much she is loved by our faithful blog followers.

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