Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Busy as a Bee!!

The Beaudettes have been busy, busy, busy.  First some cute pictures from our Easter egg hunt.  Our awesome neighbors Craig and Betsy invited us over again this year for their huge egg hunt.  I do believe around 175 plastic eggs were filled with goodies and hidden around their yard for the little people to find.  Brooklynn and Irelyn (and Mom) had lots of fun and enjoyed the chocolate that was found!

The first weekend in May I took a little road trip with a couple of friends to the big city of Spokane for a 12k race.  We enjoyed a little shopping, some yummy food, and a night of peaceful sleep.  I was less than successful in my attempt to better my time this year but hey, that just makes it a little easier next year! To my running buddies...I had a wonderful time getting to know both of you and expect you will both be running again next year. 
Teresa ~ my high school buddy

Monique ~ my coaching buddy

Me ~ and yes, we were carb loading the night before the race :)

Before picture

After picture ~ we all survived the 7.5 mile run.
We have a wonderul hill here in Missoula with a large "M" on it.  My very intelligent 3 year old knows that Mom starts with an M and thus figured out that the "M" hill must stand for "Mom's Hill".  I haven't told her any different.  So for Mother's Day Brooklynn and I hiked up to the top of Mom's Hill to enjoy the amazing view of Missoula.  This is our second trip to the top and I am so proud of her for making it again.  She is one deteremined little girl!

Last weekend the girls and I headed to Billings (350 miles) to visit Wally and Becky.  Wally and Becky used to own the gymnastics club where I worked my way through college.  I learned a lot from both of them and also felt like I had a great set of adopted parents while I was away at school.  I was so excited for them to meet Brooklynn and Irelyn and knew that my girls would also enjoy Becky and Wally.  Both girls were wonderful travelers, which I was a little worried about :)  While in Billings we were able to spend some time with Becky on Friday and then visit the zoo with Wally on Saturday.  Thanks for a great weekend!

The girls enjoying Becky's huge bath tub.

Brooklynn really wanted to see a giraffe, this statue was as close as we could come.

Becky has a great camera (Jesse if you're reading this, that was a subtle hint) and was able to get some really cute pictures.  Thanks Becky.

June will be here before we know it and the girls will be another month older.  My goodness time flies when you're having fun.  I am in the midst of training for the Missoula Half-Marathon which is in July.  I was also able to cut my coaching hours in half for the summer...down to 1 1/2 hrs a week :)  We are hoping to get some camping in, watch my flowers grow, and continue our Sunday night trips to the DQ!  I just don't know why I can't seem to pick up my speed on my running :)

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