Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am so incredibly thankful for my children's wonderful grandparents.  My girls are surrounded by grandparents that love them with all their hearts.  Jesse and I have help whenever we need it from loving people we can completely trust our kids with.  Also, not a birthday or Christmas goes by that our girls are not COMPLETELY OVERLOADED with gifts and showering of love.
Thank you Opa, Oma, Bop, Nommie, Grandpa Jim and Grandma Artie.  We love you guys!

Opa and the girls (Jesse's Dad)

Oma and Irelyn (Jesse's Mom)

Bop and Irelyn (Erin's Step-Dad)

Nommie and Irelyn (Erin's Mom)

Grandpa Jim and Brooklynn (Erin's Dad)

Grandma Artie and Brooklynn (Erin's Step-Mom)

Great Grandma Carter and Brooklynn (Erin's Grandma)

Great Grandpa Carter (Erin's Grandpa)

Great Grandma Esther, Erin, and Brooklynn (Erin's Grandma)

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