Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 2011

Brooklynn and Jesse took in a little Super Hero Party down at Caras Park.  It wasn't all that Brooklynn had expected but Dad was still able to find some fun down in the river.

Our little monarch butterfly


Irelyn obviously looked to need a little boost.

Glacier National Park

We took a fun family trip up north to the beautiful park for a few days.  The most exciting part for the girls was staying in a hotel room.  We were able to make the drive to the top of Going To The Sun Road to find some snow and look for grizzlies.  Brooklynn commented that she hoped we saw some grizzlies because "we love the Grizzlies".  We had to let her know that we'd love to see the football team, not the bears!
 "Grizzlies, where are you?"

 Mom and Piglet

 Dad and Brooklynn

A Piglet on a mission. 

 Brooklynn loved playing in the August!

 That is one cute family  :)

Dad and his girls

 The long drive in the park wore out Miss Piglet

After our drive we stopped at a fun center that had a huge maze, go-carts, and bumper boats.  The maze was very challenging but we made it through.  Unfortunately Irelyn wasn't big enough yet to ride the go-carts but Brooklynn enjoyed being our little passenger.

 Entering the maze
Dad and Brooklynn as we worked our way through the maze

Looking very fast

Looking even faster!

The following morning we found a nice 0.8 mile hike.  It was just the right distance for the short legs. 

 A pretty stream along our hike.

 A stop to play in the river and boy was it cold!

 Daddy gets some love from Irelyn.

After our trip to Glacier, the girls and I stopped at my parents house to spend a few days with my nephews and brother-in-law.  They were visiting from Alaska and we miss them so much.  We had a great visit and it was so nice for my girls to spend some time with their cousins.  Brooklynn and Noah (my youngest nephew) were not in the picture taking mood :(

 Austin, Irelyn and Connor

This next month brings Irelyn's second birthday, the start of preschool for Brooklynn and the start of gymnastics for Irelyn.  You can bet that Irelyn's birthday and Brooklynn's first day of school will involve a few tears from a proud Mom.  My girls are growing up.



  1. I'm jealous that you live so close to Glacier. My sister worked a summer there as a wrangler. My mom and I visited her and it is so beautiful! I hope to go back someday with my family!

  2. You all always look like your having so much fun!! The girls are getting so big!

  3. aawww, thanks for your sweet comments on today's post:) Your girlies are as darling as ever!


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