Thursday, September 15, 2011

September and Brooklynn "Reads"

Well we are already half-way through September and I am so happy to officially have fall arrive.  The afternoons have been warm but not hot and it is getting dark earlier in the evening = easier to get the girls to sleep at a decent time.
Brooklynn started preschool last week and absolutely loves it.  Her teacher is Ms. Eddie and she has 11 other busy 3 and 4 year olds in her class.  Brooklynn is the 2nd oldest and it appears she is going to be a good leader, hopefully not bossy.  This preschool requires the parents to be class helpers once every 6 weeks and I did my time (similar to prison:) on Tuesday.  It was fun seeing Brooklynn interact with her peers but my goodness I was tired by 12:00 pm. 
Irelyn is still doing speech therapy on Thursday mornings, which has been really nice because Brooklynn is at preschool so Irelyn gets one-on-one time.  We seem to get a lot more accomplished without the big sister around.  Go figure.  Irelyn seems to pick up a few new words every week.  Her newest words include: help, work, up, rock and hot.  We are also hearing a lot of "No No Mommy!" She is definitely 2!!
I am back to work two evenings a week and doing a little bit of work at home on the computer.  It is just enough to give me a break from the house and keep me in the gym. 
Jesse is gearing up for hunting season and sad to see golf season done for the year.  His traveling seems to be picking up again as it does in spurts.  He was able to attend a Griz football game last weekend, which was nice since he used to attend all Griz games before family life got in the way :)
As a little treat I will include a video of Brooklynn "reading" a library book that she has heard once or twice.
Happy September to all our family and friends!


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