Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Few of our Favorite Things

A current rundown of some of our favorites from smallest to tallest:)

Tequila Rose ~

food - turkey
activity - sleep

Irelyn Marie ~
food - cookies and ice cream

toys - books about doggies and doggies
activity - pushing her Cozy Coupe car around the driveway
words - "Daddy urk" (translation: Daddy goes to work)

Brooklynn Autumn ~
food/drink - chocolate milk
toys - Lightning McQueen car

activity - going to preschool and playing outside with Justice and Brody (two boys from down the street)
words - "I love you to infinity"

Erin Michelle ~
food/drink - carmel lattes

T.V. Show - Biggest Loser!! I've been waiting all summer for this to start again.
activity - reading and trying to get back into running

words - "We don't eat our boogers"

Jesse ~
food/drink - fryed chicken
toys - golf clubs

activity - golf
words - golf, course, par, birdie, eagle

Happy Autumn!!



  1. I agree with all of your guys favorite foods (especially your girls)! I've been meaning to read The Help... is it any good?? :)


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