Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 2012...Part 2

Jesse bought me a new camera so I've got lots of very cute pictures to show off.  I'm slowly starting to figure out the different settings on the camera but there is so much more this camera can do.  I am hoping to take a class on photography at some point. 

The girls and I have spent several afternoons down at a park in our neighborhood.  It has lots of fun climbing equipment and a splash pad.  Brooklynn is getting braver and will run through the water but I'm still confused as to why Irelyn insists on having her swimsuit on...it remains completely dry the entire time we are there.  Oh well, the girl wants to fit in and be fashionable :)

We have another great park in Missoula, Dragons Hallow.  We ventured out for a picnic and some good playtime on the 4th of July. The girls had a lot of fun and Brooklynn showed off her new skill of pumping her legs on the swing.

Not quite the height that Brooklynn gets but she still has a lot of fun.

We purchased a new trampoline for me the girls!  I've already shown off a few of my old moves and the girls were quite impressed.  Brooklynn has been practicing her take-down moves on her little sister and we're happy that Irelyn's landing is a little softer on the trampoline.

We have a new bike rider in the house and I must admit, it brought tears to my eyes.  I just can't believe how quickly my girls are growing up.  A bicycle now...a car tomorrow.

Last weekend found us at home having a now-traditional family campout in the livingroom.  The girls get very excited to get out the sleeping bags, watch a movie together and then listen to us get irritated as they lay there and giggle for 45 min.  It usually takes two to three months for Jesse and I to forget how irritated we were last time, so we'll be trying the campout again this fall sometime :)

The weekend ended with a walk around the University of Montana campus on a beautiful night in Missoula.  We had a lot of fun watching the girls race around campus and climb on large Grizzly bears.

Brooklynn is currently the queen of silly faces and insists on getting in a silly picture often.

And now a few random pictures from our awesome new camera!

Pretty flowers from our front yard. 

Brooklynn got to visit the dentist for her first filling.  She was a "very good little patient."

Eyes I fell in love with almost 3 years ago.

We are so incredibly blessed and treasure every day with our girls. We hope you find time each day to count your blessings!


  1. What a beautiful family. To be blessed with two darling red headed little girls, life can't get much better. HOPE YOU ALL ARE ENJOYING THE LAZY DAYS OF SUMMER AND HAVE BETTER WEATHER THEN WE HAVE HERE IN SEATTLE. LOVE CAM

  2. You have such a lovely family and especially a caring, loving mother. We want to see some of the moves on the trampoline from you! HA, HA! From the Allens in Helena.


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