Friday, September 14, 2012

September 2012

August brought two big events to the Beaudette house...the Western Montana Fair and Irelyn's 3rd birthday.  It was a little cooler this year at the fair and the girls rode rides until we just plain ol' ran out of tickets.

Jesse had to donate his right kidney for this fun camel ride (OK not really, just had to pay a whopping $5 for a few laps around the corral).

Irelyn LOVED all of the animals and even asked if she could get into the pin with this big guy.

Brooklynn got to experience her first roller coaster ride and it was a doosy.  OK, once again, not really.  It was a small roller coaster designed for small children but the look on my face shows how easily I get excited by roller coasters.

Irelyn has a love of rocks and is more than happy to "borrow" rocks from our neighbor's houses.  As we walked through the fair Irelyn found a prize winning rock that she managed to carry around and bring home. Jesse and I decided we'll get her 2 rocks for Christmas!!

Our little Piglet turned three on August 21st which called for a big Toy Story celebration.  All of Irelyn's grandparents and some close family friends made it to the party. 

 Irelyn received a new doll house from Nommie and some new dolls and furniture for the doll house from Mom and Dad.  Needless to say, she was excited!

After opening presents we got to partake in a second favorite activity of Irelyn's....eating cake!

Brooklynn just started her second year of preschool and is now in Ms. Robin's class, known as The Monkeys.  She absolutely loves school and has several good friends that she really looks forward to seeing.  Here are a couple pictures of her first few weeks of school.

September also brings the start of gymnastics.  Brooklynn is now in the level 2 preschool class (Dragon Flys) and Irelyn has moved up from the parent-tot class (Itty Bitty Bounders) to the level 1 preschool class (Fire Flys).  Both girls love gymnastics and I now get to sit back and watch both girls, and take pictures!

And now just a few random pics from the last month.

I do believe those boots are made for walkin' and clothes are over rated :)  Blessings from the Beaudettes.


  1. As always, beautiful pics with "prize-winning" commentary :) Absolutely LOVED the pic of you on the roller coaster.....Tell Ms. Irelyn, wearing nothing but your boots never goes out of style!
    Aunt Jujee

  2. Your trip to the fair looked like some great fun. I too attend the fair but my high point was falling down,(old people should not fall down. I need some smart pink boots to wear maybe that will help. I also agree clothes just get in the way. Love Cam


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