Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 2012

Happy Autumn everyone!

 It is finally getting cooler in Missoula but we are still waiting for some sort of precipitation.  We are enjoying our beautiful weather and getting outside for lots of playtime.  We have been trying to find fun activities for the family on Sunday afternoons.  We headed down to the beautiful river that runs through Missoula (reminds me of "A River Runs Through It" :) for a Sunday evening walk.  The girls had a great time and Jesse and I loved watching them play.

Both of my girls walk on every curb possible.  Future balance beam stars!

I love these girls with all my heart!

Brooklynn loves to pose for a picture.

Jesse is a pretty popular guy at our house. Oh wait, he's the only guy at our house!

Last Sunday we went out for a fun game of bowling.  Brooklynn is very serious about her bowling and poor Jesse bowled absolutely terrible.  I have to give the guy a break though, he hasn't thrown a bowling ball in about 6 months and it was probably 6 months before that when he'd played a full 3 games.

Irelyn was extremely impressed with the magic of the ball return.

In other Beaudette news:  Irelyn had her first visit to the dentist,

received a new robe from Aunt Julie (that she loves),

and earned herself a pretty black and blue eye!

Brooklynn has been hanging upside down and swinging like a monkey as much as possible,

leading some very creative dress-up time....(pirates, in case you were wondering),

and hanging out with Bones (appropriately named by Brooklynn).

I've managed to get in some cute pictures with my girls

and love on a couple of whiny girls and a grunting chihuahua.  Both of which I truly enjoy!

Unfortunately I don't have any cute pictures of Jesse this time.  He's been keeping very busy with work and taking care of the oompa-loompas in the evenings while I work.

P.S.  Happy 7th Anniversary to a man I fell in love with 9 years ago for his incredibly big muscles and extremely funny sense of humor. We've been on an amazing ride, been to some wonderful places, fought through some very tough times and come out stronger than I'd ever imagined 7 years ago.  

Las Vegas,

The Davenport in Spokane,

Cancun, Mexico

holding Brooklynn Autumn at 1 day old,

showing off the guns I fell in love with,

holding Irelyn Marie for the first time at 3 weeks old,

and getting some love from one of the three ladies in this house that love him to pieces!
I love you Sweetie!!


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