Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 2013

October was a month of fun Halloween activities.  Jesse and I took the girls to the Missoula Corn Maze and met up with Brooklynn's buddy, Mariel.  The corn maze is huge and involves clues to help you get through.  We also had to locate several different colored horse shoes throughout the maze.  We had lots of fun and followed it up with a trip to the Pumpkin Patch at our church. Both girls got to pick out one pumpkin to take home.  I was very impressed that my two girls found the ugliest and oddest shaped pumpkins in the entire pumpkin patch!

Ugly Pumpkin #1

Brooklynn and Mariel....a very sweet friend!

Our church hosts an amazing carnival every year and we have made it a fun tradition to show off our cute kids in their cute costumes.  This year Irelyn got to decide the Halloween theme when she chose Pooh Bear.  Brooklynn decided to follow suit and be Tigger.  The costumes were perfect for trick-or-treating on a Montana night but a little warm for an indoor carnival. Irelyn had clearly already hit the Halloween candy and somehow put on 20 lbs in the belly area :)

Only in Montana would they have a target area for kids.  Brooklynn loved it!

The following night was Halloween and we started our trick-or-treating festivities at Craig and Betsy Mueller's house and then Ms. Edie's house (Irelyn's teacher).

Tigger and Pooh then made their way around our neighborhood in search of honey candy!

Six years ago Jesse and I welcomed a beautiful little girl into our lives.  Brooklynn transformed us from young, self-centered people into PARENTS! We could not have asked for a sweeter, more considerate, adorable little girl.  Brooklynn is and will always be our princess.

 We celebrated this big 6th birthday with a gathering of some of Brooklynn's good friends at a water park.  I think everyone had lots of fun and we all slept very good that night.

Mariel, Brooklynn, Dannielle, and Paula

Irelyn's first time down a water slide.  She loved it...until they hit the water at the bottom.


Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan are very popular at our house (Monsters University)

I hope this sweet girl gets all of her wishes this year.

Jesse, Irelyn and I will be driving to Seattle on Thursday for a visit and surgery at Seattle Children's Hospital. Irelyn's Ductis Arterius (valve in her heart) did not close after birth as it was supposed to. An amazing pediatric cardiac surgeon will be repairing this hole on Friday morning.  Please include our little Piglet in your prayers this week, they will be greatly appreciated.
Happy Thanksgiving from our blessed family to yours!!


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