Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 2013

November and December have seriously flown by.  I can not believe it will be Christmas in 3 days! November was supposed to include a trip to Seattle for Irelyn's heart procedure.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, however you choose to look at it, the procedure had to be rescheduled due to Irelyn's staph infection.  We are now planning to head to Seattle on January 2 with the heart catheterization being on January 3.

November 16 was our official adoption day of an adorable three year old little boy.  Diego is everything Irelyn would want in a little brother.  Those two were immediate buddies and we are now constantly hearing "come on buddy" ringing through the house. Diego was adopted from the Humane Society and could possibly be Beagle/Lab mix. He is sweet and patient and allows his ears to be pulled, food messed with and a 36 lb little girl to lay all over him!

The girls look forward to the annual tradition of building ginger bread houses with Oma (Jesse's mom). Oma always shows up excited to make fun memories with her favorite granddaughters (Ok, only granddaughters). The smallest elf had a hard time understanding why there was candy involved that wasn't supposed to be eaten.

Jesse and I got to dress up, which I enjoyed much more than him, and attend his law firm Christmas party.  I had a wonderful dinner, a lot of wine, a little bit of dancing and a lot of headache the next day. Once a year, Baby! Jesse had a yummy dinner and a wife to take care of the next day.  I'd say he drew the short stick that weekend :)

Brooklynn's holiday program at school was adorable.  Brooklynn was very proud to show off her newest missing tooth.  It fell out that morning during school.

 She is quite the performer and thus did very well with the singing and actions.

My little crafty self decided to set up a photography studio in our basement and attempt to get a couple good shots for our Christmas card.  I did manage to get 3 cute pictures for the card before ending with two grumpy children and an irritated dog. Below are a few of the outtakes.

I had a fun evening planned for myself and the girls but little Buga Boo came down with a nasty stomach bug so it turned into a date night for Brooklynn and I.  I let her pick out our dinner spot, Mackenzie River Pizza, and we then met up with several of her classmates and teacher for the play Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  My date was so very sweet when she ended the night with "I had so much fun tonight and am grateful for my time with my mom".  Yep, we've got two sweeties!

And now a picture out of our back door.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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