Saturday, April 19, 2014

February, March and April Oh My!

I have failed to keep on top of this blog updating stuff.  Life is busy with two little girls that now each have their own activities, my long work hours (15 a week), and housework (yuck).  We are all doing great other than a few head colds and the periodic bad mood (the girls, not me).

Brooklynn has been attending AWANA at our church on Wednesday nights.  She is very good at memorizing the Bible verses and loves the games they play.  Irelyn asks every week how long it will be until she gets to start going with Brooklynn to AWANA.  One of the fun activities of the year is the Grand Prix race that is held in February. Jesse and Brooklynn were given a kit that included a block of wood and wheels.  From that they had to design and create a race car.  They both had a lot of fun with this challenge!

Brooklynn's super-fast car is the orange one on the right.

February also included the most snow Missoula has had in 60 years!  The girls loved playing outside but I was so sick of that white stuff I could have spit.  I couldn't wait for 75 degrees and sunshine.

Brooklynn finished AWANA in March with the awards night and Jeopardy.  She answered her question correctly, finished the year 1 book and received a ribbon.  Great job Princess.

Irelyn is in the Dragon Fly class at gymnastics.  Her favorite part of gymnastics is playing in the pit, not the bars or the cartwheels...the pit :)  She is doing very well and seems to be a good listener. I love to watch her progress and each class involves a lot of giggles.

March also brought Jesse's 43rd birthday.  We had the traditional chocolate cake with white frosting, a shining example of just how wild and crazy this man is these days.  He loves sharing his day with his two favorite little girls and they love being a part of the action.

This next bit of news makes me a little sad.  Irelyn came to me a few weeks ago and announced she was ready to ride a "2 wheeler".  I knew she was probably right but didn't want to accept that my baby was growing up.  Jesse was excited to take off the training wheels and get her started.  After riding her scooter all of last summer she caught onto the balance of the big girl bike very quickly.  By the end of the first day she was making it around our cul-de-sac all by herself.  Its official, she is getting to be a big girl.

Way to go Bugaboo!!

The girls and I made a trip up to Bop's cattle ranch. Bop has a fun tree swing that still fits two girls.  They spent quite a while swinging in the sunshine.

They also got to pet a brand new baby calf, 2 hours old. The girls thought it was so neat that the calf had "water" all over it. I thought it was kinda gross.

We also got to visit Bop's friendly horses.  Irelyn decided when she is 5 she is going to ride those horses.

We love visiting Bop's ranch!!

I'm planning to update this neglected blog more often.  Until then, we hope you are enjoying your spring weather and time with family.

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