Monday, May 19, 2014

May 2014

I am now into the rhythm of getting two girls ready for school in the morning, myself off to work, housework done in the gaps and dinner made each night.  All of this started feeling under control about 3 weeks before the girls get out of school for the summer!  Fabulous :)

My twin nephews turned 11 on April 11 and decided on a fun bowling party.  We all had a great time celebrating their golden birthday and I had an especially fun time as I beat Jesse for the first time in bowling!

My amazing, hard working, hilarious sister Julie.

My amazing, hard working, hilarious father Jim.  What can I say, it runs in the family.

April also brought a very fun Easter which included the annual visit to the Easter Bunny (once again against Irelyn's better judgement).

Notice Irelyn's extremely clenched hands and my pant leg just out of the picture. The kid does not like large bunny rabbits :)

We also had Easter baskets brought by the above mentioned large bunny

and then church with my girls and Oma (Jesse's mom).

After church we attended the huge Mueller egg hunt.

The girls were super excited to take in the circus.  They each had a choice of an animal to ride and Brooklynn chose to ride on the large, slow moving elephant while Irelyn chose to ride on the small, slow moving ponies.  We were definitely not shocked by those choices.

A few of our favorite acts were the well trained doggies, huge elephants and the man shot out of a canon.

A few random pics from the last few months!

By this time next month we will have an almost 1st grader (silly girl above) and an almost 2nd year preschooler.  Time flies when you have kids!

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