Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 2014

Summer has finally arrived and our girls love being outside.  We have started one of our favorite family activities again....strolling around the University of Montana campus. This tradition started 6 years ago when Jesse and I would take Brooklynn down and push her around in her stroller.  We have now moved onto the girls racing around on their bikes and Jesse and I laughing as we walk behind them.

As you can see Brooklynn has started some new trick riding skills.

The girls had their end of the year programs, each very cute.  Brooklynn LOVES dressing up and the purple cloak has become an important part of every outfit.  I believe the cloak originates from Elsa wearing a cloak in "Frozen" but I'm not positive. Both girls looked so very grown up and enjoyed performing. They must get that from Jesse :)

Brooklynn had a track and field day to finish out her very fun kindergarten year.  Our big girl is quite the athlete but unfortunately gets easily distracted.  As she ran around the 1 mile course she was busy watching the other runners when she ran smack into a TREE!  She recovered quickly and was able to finish out the other events :)

Brooklynn and Dannielle, one of her best friends ever!

Relay race

Long Jump

Obstacle Course (including hanging clothes on a clothes line and chin-ups)

Brooklynn received her Kindergarten Promotion Certificate and Irelyn looks very proud of her big sister.

Someday this little girl will be carrying a back pack to this same school.  I won't rush it though, we have one more year of preschool!


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  1. Hi guys, greeting from Seattle, love the pictures the girls are getting so big. Decided it was time to head east to Montana, my sister and I are leaving Aug. 5th, plan to be in your area about Friday the 8th of Aug or the 9th. Hope you all will be in town, let me know. Would also like to get your address and phone number again. Hope to see all of you soon. Cam Cary


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