Saturday, October 3, 2015

October 2015

August brought some big events....swimming lessons, 

more gymnastics lessons,

an amazing 6th birthday party for our Bugaboo

with some very cool face painting done by Dottie

and the first day of school.  Brooklynn is already a 2nd grader (and feels its necessary to pose for pictures like a 16 year old)

and Irelyn just started kindergarten.  The girl that LOVES to sleep in was up at 6:30 am the first two days of school.  She was so excited and so happy to be heading off to school.  Day 3 brought tears at 7:15 as I pulled her out of bed and more tears as I pushed her onto the bus as she asked "why do I have to keep going back?"  Well we are now into the swing of things and she is loving her teacher and his cool guitar, loves recess and library days!

This was the first day that she rode on the bus.  I did not shed a tear....until after the bus drove away.  My last baby is now in school full days and I'm so proud of her but miss her a ton.

Both girls decided to play soccer this fall.  Last fall when Irelyn played soccer she kept telling us that she didn't like the running or kicking the ball but liked snack time at the end of each game.  Well I guess the good snacks brought her back for a second year!  This is a different kid this year though.  Her first game she scored 2 goals and is now hooked.  She loves the running and the kicking and the snacks!!

Brooklynn is also loving soccer and is doing great.  She is such a coordinated kid that we knew that she'd probably pick up this new sport quickly.  She is also a determined, competitive kid which helps out there on the field.  I am enjoying watching the girls play in a sport that I know nothing about.

This week Jesse and I will celebrate our 10 year anniversary.  This man has been my rock when I needed him the most (Irelyn's NICU stay in Seattle) as he worked full time while making trips to Seattle every other weekend.  He would answer my phone calls 20 times a day always sounding happy to hear from me and always knowing the right thing to say as I cried.

(Man I look so tired in that picture)

Jesse has been my pit crew through 7 half marathons and 1 full marathon.  I couldn't have finished those without his encouragement, support and water stops on my long runs.

He is my favorite traveling buddy and still makes me laugh like no one else.  I look forward to all of our adventures over the next 10 years.

Jesse, I love you to outer space and back!


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