Monday, March 29, 2010

The Festivities Have Begun!

Irelyn's new hat.

I have been following an absolutely amazing blog for about a month now; Nella's Story and the author always leaves me thinking. Today she blogged about how we search for perfection in our lives only to reach it and then find we aren't happy and wanting more. I truly feel that my life is absolutely perfect exactly the way it is. I was meant to be the mom of two beautiful, "perfect" little girls. There is nothing else that would make me happier than to continue to watch them grow and learn. I guess perfection means being completely happy with the now but knowing that life is about change!
Moving on...Jesse and I had a wonderful weekend to ourselves at beautiful Quinns Hot Springs. We were able to enjoy the wonderful restaurant, relaxing hot springs, and amazing scenery and that was just Friday night. Saturday we slept in...until 7:30. We agreed though that being able to sleep through the entire night makes a world of difference on the energy level. We headed down the road to visit Jesse's aunt and uncle and were able to spend a couple hours with them. We decided to continue down the road and see where we ended up. Well several hours later and across state lines we ended up in our usual vacation spot, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. We spent the remainder of the afternoon and evening there before arriving back at Quinns in time to crawl into bed. Sunday we awoke ready to go home and see our girls.
Brooklynn just keeps getting funnier and sweeter. Funny Brooklynn story of the month: tonight she was walking around with her 3 wood (golf club) up and down the hallway when I finally asked her what she was doing. She replied that she was fishing and she had just caught a "big one". I was impressed with her imagination so I asked where she was fishing at. Well duh...the toilet! She finished the night off with her prayers and then a cute look and an "I love you Mommy." That is perfection for me!
Irelyn is sooo close to sitting up by herself. If Jesse and I had money to put on it in Vegas we'd say she'll be sitting up by herself within the next month. Then before we know it she'll be mobile and crawling after Brooklynn. We have discovered that she absolutely cracks up when I make my monkey calls. I thought it would be very cute to use that gift of mine to get her to smile while on the Easter Bunnie's lap. Well Jesse wouldn't let me screach like a monkey in the middle of the mall, so no smile this year. Oh well.
We hope you have a Happy Easter and take time to notice the perfection in your life.

Brooklynn's new leotard for gymnastics

Brooklynn in the library...reading a golf magazine.

Our first time coloring Easter eggs. Lots of fun!
Brooklynn's big stick.

Our little get-away.

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