Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 2010

Jumping, jumpi, jum, sleeping!

On a walk with Piglet

After our walk to the park

Irelyn - 6 months and very cute

The view is better down here
Welcome back to the Beaudette Family update. We are doing great and we've got good news...wait for it...are you excited yet...its golf season! Jesse was so happy to hit the driving range this weekend he could hardly contain himself. He is looking forward to taking Brooklynn out to the range with him soon. He wants to get her started early. Unfortunately this morning we woke up to 3 inches of beautiful, white snow. Golf season will be temporarily post-poned. Bummer dude.
Brooklynn is becoming such a big girl. I usually lay beside her bed for a few minutes at night to help her fall asleep. The other night she looked at me and said "You don't need to lay with me Mom. I can do it all by myself". I was so proud but a little sad too. She had a very fun play date with her friend Fisher. He came over and we hit the swing set and the park and both kids were exhausted afterwards. Yeah, mission accomplished. Brooklynn has finally figured out that if she is nice to the dog Tiki will sit and let Brooklynn pet her. This has been a very long time coming. We have seen golf balls thrown at Tiki, follow the leader in which Tiki is always the leader, and a small 3 wood swung at the dog. Fortunately for Tiki, Brooklynn has bad aim and a terrible swing.
Irelyn can now roll over both ways and she loves this. Since she has always hated tummy time she is happy that once we put her on her tummy she can roll right over. She thinks thats pretty funny. Jesse and I have had several wonderful, full nights of sleep thanks to Irelyn sleeping great. We had forgotten how good we feel after sleeping 8 hours straight. Irelyn has started eating sweet potatoes and squash and absolutely loves them. The bib is still necessary at this point but boy,oh, boy does she have fun. Our next big challenge will be sitting up all by herself. She is close and we work on it every day.
I am finally getting accustomed to spending 90% of my time at home. We have our little routine which recently has involved a daily walk around our block or out into the park. I really wish a consistent nap time where both girls sleep at the same time would happen but hey, don't all parents!
Gotta scoot, Irelyn just woke up from her 45 minute nap just as Brooklynn layed down:)

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  1. Funny and informing, as usual! Miss you terribly and can't wait to come down this summer!


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