Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Camping, Gymnastics, Bowling, Oh My!!

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Labor Day weekend Jesse and Brooklynn headed out into the "great outdoors" as Brooklynn put it to do some all American camping...in a camper trailer.  That girl loves to be outside so it was no surprise that she had a ton-o-fun.  Jesse also had a lot of fun and was very proud of his big girls first fish, and I'm told it was much bigger than it looks in the picture:)  Brooklynn couldn't wait to tell me "And we ate him for dinner".  Thats my girl.
Warming by the fire. 

Opa, Oma, and Our Great Outdoorsman! 

Brooklynn feeding her new friend. 


Dad even taught Brooklynn how to reel in the... 

monster fish she caught:)

Brooklynn has once again started weekly gymnastics classes and has been promoted to the Fireflys class.  We are so proud of her.  She listens very well, tries her best, and adds a little dancing whenever she's got a free moment in line.  What a doll:)
Climbing all the way to the top of the wall ladder. 

Sitting on the listening bench with her class.  Guess how many of those cuties actually remember what Zach tells them by the time he's done with the directions!

Ahh man, if it weren't for these wide hips I'd be out there showing those kids a thing or two:)

Bowling has once again made its way back into the Beaudette household.  Jesse is now on a bowling league on Friday nights and started the year out with a bang...236, 233, and 211.  Way to go Daddy-o!  Of course if Dad bowls Brooklynn must bowl.  So Saturday afternoon the family headed down to the bowling alley for one fun game of bowling.  Brooklynn is now bowling with a family heirloom, my moms old bowling ball that she received from my Grandpa Summers.  Its blue and thats really all that matters to Brooklynn.

 Loving the fancy shoes.

The approach needs a little work but (thats Jesse's butt I mean:) 

its amazing we got such a clear shot of that ball flying down the lane.

 Loving my girls!

Please notice that Jesse's score was an impressive mere 36 points higher than mine.

And to finish off with a cute Brooklynn story.  This afternoon Brooklynn notice a fly in our kitchen which I figured would scare her because she has always had a fear of "boges".  Well she reassured me that she knew just what to do...goose that fly right in the butt to get rid of him.  I'm told that Dad taught her that while they were out camping.  Great wisdom passed on to the next generation.

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