Sunday, July 17, 2011

Please Pay Attention

Attention:  This is an opinion post!

There has been so much sadness in the news lately.  What upsets me the most is when harm is done to children, those that depend on adults for safety, love, and their basic needs.  I look into the eyes of Brooklynn and Irelyn and can't imagine ever harming or scaring them in any way.  What type of individual could purposely ignore the fear in a child's eyes and proceed with their plan anyways?
I do assume Casey Anthony either murdered her child or had something to do with it.  That poor, helpless little girl probably had more love for her mother than anyone else on this planet and Casey seemed to only have thoughts of herself. 
I just finished reading the Jaycee Dugard book about her 18 years in captivity that literally brought me to tears.  The disgusting man that kidnapped a very scared 11 year old girl had NO thoughts of the damage he was doing to another human being.  His only thoughts were of himself.  Jaycee survived events that no human or animal should have to endure, EVER!  She will forever have trust issues, independence issues, communication issues, and fear issues that can't be erased. The moment she was abducted she lost her childhood and was expected to act and "perform" as an adult. 
The fact that there are people in this world, in this great country, that could kill their own child or abuse a child for 18 years absolutely breaks my heart.  The other big issue I have with these stories is there were adults in each of these situations that could have spoken up and maybe prevented each of these scenarios.  Why didn't Caylee's grandparents confront Casey with her selfish ways before she was harmed?  Weren't there friends in Casey's life that saw an innocent little girl that was unwanted by her mother?  Why did the wife of Jaycee's abductor allow him to keep an innocent little girl confined in their backyard for 18 years?  Why didn't the authorities that visited the house speak up when they noticed strange things going on?  Didn't neighbors notice and hear strange things coming from next door?
We have become a society that feels privacy is critically important.  We don't want others to violate our privacy and therefore we try to protect theirs....but at what cost?  If I see a situation that makes my skin crawl or makes me think twice I WILL MAKE THAT PHONE CALL TO AUTHORITIES or I WILL ASK! I will not apologize for violating your privacy because a child's protection is more important.
Please do the same.


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