Monday, December 26, 2011

December 2011

This will be the great catch-up post because its been awhile since I've found time to blog.  So here goes nothin', well actually here goes a lot of cuteness!

Brooklynn had her 4th birthday party at one of our favorite places, Bitterroot Gymnastics.  She invited all of the children from her preschool class and another great friend Brooklyn Rose.  Fun and bouncing was had by all.

Dad found a pair of Lightning McQueen jammies with footies and I'm not exagerating when I tell you they've been worn every night since they were purchased.  I manage to get them off of her, into the washer, the dryer and then back onto her several times a week.

The girls had a big Show Day at gymnastics and both Irelyn and Brooklynn performed beautifully.  Irelyn is working on forward rolls, monkey jumps, and donkey kicks.  Brooklynn is working hard on handstands, cartwheels, and pullovers on the bars.  I seriously couldn't be more proud :)

Brooklynn had a Christmas program at preschool that was incredibly cute.  Ms. Edie led the children through several Christmas songs and then the families got to chime in for the last two songs.  It is so fun to see Brooklynn "in her element" at school.  Irelyn also loves going into the classroom and pretending like she's just one of the kids.

And now a few random pics of cuteness!

Brooklynn has figured out how to take the all important self-portrait.
A happy Piglet.
I will be doing a fun Christmas post next week so make sure to come back for that one.  Then its onward and upward to 2012!!



  1. Your girls are getting so big! I hope you had a very merry Christmas!

  2. A real gymnastics party! Perfect venue for active, messy and noisy kids to burn off some energy. :)


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