Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 2012

I have decided to continue this blog for all of my favorite people that unfortunately don't live in Missoula and therefore miss our darling little girls!

Brooklynn's birthday celebration stretched over 4 long, fun-filled days.  Saturday November 3 was her birthday party at gymnastics with her preschool classmates.  Sunday was the family birthday party at our house and Monday November 5 (her actual birthday) was filled with rides at the carousel and lunch downtown with Dad!
Irelyn can now ride the ponies all by herself.  Yep, makes me a little sad that they are growing up so quickly.

We bundled up for a morning out in the snow and cold.  These two cuties would spend all day outside but I herded them back into the house for some hot cocoa after a freezing 60 minutes.  So its official, they are getting older and obviously so am I, also a little sad.

A few cute photos from our hot cocoa after snow!

December started with a visit to Santa Claus.  He was so sweet and took so much time visiting with the girls and ummm.....Jesse.  Since it is now after Christmas I can tell you Santa did not bring Jesse the Corvette he asked for :(  Maybe next year Sweetie.

Is there anything cuter than a sleeping child?  You don't have to answer that.

Brooklynn loves my glasses from a Halloween costume.  She does look very intelligent and would be more than happy to tell you where the esophogus, gall bladder and liver are located.

Irelyn was my little cookie helper.  She takes after her mom in the sweet tooth department.  We sure do love us some yummy Christmas cookies!

Brooklynn's very best friend Paula had her birthday party at an indoor water park and fun was had by all.  Brooklynn's first trip up the stairs to the water slides involved 5 minutes of standing at the top of the slide before turning around to head back down the stairs.  I figured she'd be happy to just play in the pool for a while before heading home.  I.was.wrong...and yes that is the first time that has happened.  Well my brave girl headed back up those stairs deciding that those slides weren't going to win.  She conquered that slide and the fast brown slide next to it.  I proceeded to watch my little girl make about 30 laps up the stairs then down the slides.  She loved them!

Not too many blog posts from Montana in December can end with a child in a swimsuit but this one will.
My Christmas blog post should be coming up soon.



  1. Sounds like you have had a busy December! CUTE pics of the girls :)

  2. Happy New Year, may 2013 be filled with much joy, happiness and lots of adventures with 2 of the cutes red headed little girls in all of Montana. Love Cam


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