Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 2013

Summer has arrived and our schedule has slowed down.  Brooklynn's preschool days are long behind her now and she looks forward to the days we get to stay home all day.  I'm afraid I'm creating little home-bodies like myself.  Both girls were invited to Piper's birthday party(a friend from preschool) at the local hotel with water slides.  Brooklynn loves the water slides and Irelyn is still getting used to the idea of immersing her body in water :)

Irelyn had her Preschool Show Day at gymnastics and was the star of the show (at least Jesse and I thought so). Both girls will continue gymnastics lessons throughout the summer and also attend a couple days of camp each week while I am coaching.  Brooklynn is currently in the Starlights class (Level 2 for school aged girls) and Irelyn is in the Firefly class (Level 1 for preschool aged children).

The girls and I made our annual trek up the M Hill a couple of weeks after Mother's Day.  We took along water bottles and plenty of snack food to encourage Irelyn to get to the top of the hill.  It worked and we made it up with Irelyn only having to be carried for two of the switchbacks.  Brooklynn being the encouraging and thoughtful big sister told Irelyn "I am so proud of you for making it to the top.  Next time lets see if we can go a little faster."

Piglet found a comfortable lap to take a nap.  Opa was a good sport and sat very still for 2 hours while she napped.

Brooklynn has been learning how to play Cribbage from Jesse and got the chance to show Oma what she had learned.  Brooklynn is such a bright young lady and catches on to new things very quickly.

I took our girls in for their annual pictures.  I will use these pictures to prove to them when they are 16 and hormonal just how cute they once were!

We hope you are having a wonderful beginning to your summer.  We are looking forward to a family vacation to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho over the Fourth of July weekend.  The girls are super excited to be staying in a hotel.  I think we should save our gas and food money and just get a hotel here in Missoula!
Take care.

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