Saturday, June 15, 2013

To The Coolest Dad Around

This post is dedicated to the guy that didn't know if he wanted to be a dad (and all of his friends and family still have a hard time believing that he actually is) but on November 5, 2007 turned into the very best dad a girl could ever ask for.

From that point on he became the king of bottles,


and playtime.

He became the teacher of all things important...

He's already started driving lessons

and is always up for sit-ins with large, furry creatures.

He rules over story time/princess time,

and baking time.

But most importantly, Jesse shows the girls every day with hugs, kisses and cuddles how much he loves them!

and I'm certain that the feeling is mutual!

Jesse does all this while working very hard to provide for his family.

I am so grateful for all Jesse has taught our girls and continues to teach them.  They will be stronger, more independent women because of his guidance. 
"A daughter's self-esteem is best predicted by her father's physical affection. Girls with good fathers are less likely to flaunt themselves to seek male attention."
Thank you Jesse from the bottom of our hearts!


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